Saturday, April 22, 2017

I survived banquet!

Yay! It is over!

Our Junior class has been planning and preparing for this Senior banquet for several months now, and we had it last night. Now we are finished, and that was our last big class project!

Also, in my hand right now I am holding my research paper that I needed to write for Galatians class. One down, two more papers to go!

I only have one more week of classes, then just one week of finals. After finals we have a three weeks long choir tour, and I should be back home in Oklahoma either May 29th or 30th for the summer. Please continue to keep me in your prayers as I struggle to get done these last few assignments and tests.

I took a few pictures of banquet with my ipad because I thought since I keep mentioning it, you might want to see a few pictures! Well, I have a few to share!

We went down a day early to decorate and my car was full of fun friends!

We had a huge room to work with and ten tables to decorate.

It was a fun night, and all my friends were dressed up so beautifully!

We have such a fun Senior class. And one of the girls got engaged to her boyfriend just after this picture!

I went with my sister's husband's brother, I call him my brother-in-law-in-law. He's a great friend of mine and we had a lot of fun!

It was a really great night and worth all the effort that we put into it. Thanks for all your prayers!

In Christ,

Monday, April 10, 2017

It's a busy, busy life

So, for these next two months, school will be very busy for me. Here is what is going on...

First of all, I have a test this week on Friday and a research paper due the next. Finals will be here in about three or four weeks, and I have a paper for another class that I need to get done as well as the one due next week.

This next Friday, my class is hosting the senior banquet and I am in charge of decorations. It is a pretty big job, but I am really excited to be doing it.

Every weekend we have been going off in the choir and singing in different churches, which is an awesome ministry but it does take up a lot of time.

After finals week is graduation and the school is hosting a 25th year celebration which I have a small role in as well. After graduation is our three week long choir tour in May, and then I can finally go home for the summer.

On the plus side, I finished all of my presentation assignments for the year. Also, I was teaching an art class and we had our final meeting and a party last Thursday night (which was the best party ever, in my opinion)!

So while some aspects of college are finally winding down, others are still demanding a lot of time.

I hate to do this, but you probably won't be seeing me around very much until this June or late May. I kind of need to really focus on getting those last details together and especially spend some quality time with my soon to be graduating friends.

So, there is what is going on with me. I'll be back with regular content after choir tour late May or early June, and in the meantime I hope that I will be able to post random things here and there. So I'm not gone forever, just for a small time. And if the Lord wills, I'll speak to you all again really soon this summer!

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

In Christ,

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Storytime - Not My Sister

I remember this story as clear as day, and it is one of the most embarrassing ones that I can still remember. Enjoy!

In Christ,

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How to Draw - Three Point Perspective

Materials: A pencil, paper, and a ruler

Three point perspective is the most dynamic of the perspectives. It can be quite odd and is usually not used very often. however, it can be used and has been used very successfully. I see this kind of perspective most often used in things such as cartoons or comics.

Step 1: Draw a horizon line and three vanishing points.

Step 2: Draw a vertical line straight up from the 3rd vanishing point. Be sure that this line is parallel to the picture plane.

Step 3: Connect the top of this line back to vanishing points #1 and #2.

Step 3: Draw lines from vanishing point #3 to vanishing points #1 and #2. These will be the sides of your box.

Step 4: Determine the height of your box and draw lines from the original vertical line back to vanishing points #1 and #2.

Step 5: To complete the dimensions, draw lines from the top corners of the box to vanishing points #1 and #2.

Step 6: Draw lines from the bottom corners of the box to vanishing points #1 and #2. If the back of your box is not right over the original vertical line like mine was, draw in a vertical line that connects the back corners of the box to complete your box.

Step 7: Erase any unnecessary lines. Now your are finished!

It does look kind of funny, but you can achieve all different kinds of looks depending on where you place your box in your picture. Experiment with different placings and see for yourself!

Happy drawing!

In Christ,